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Woman lookin relaxed in sauna with eyes closed towels and bucket are placed behind her

Our saunas include a wide range of materials and bespoke choices such as:

  • Spruce

  • Red Cedar

  • Hemlock

  • Infill panels between benches

  • Benches and support systems

  • LED lighting of your choice

  • Glass doors

  • Wall mounted heaters

  • Hidden heaters

  • Thermometer and Hygrometer

Light bright imageif a sauna in a finnish spa the lights are on and the bucket is placed on the bench



We design bespoke saunas which are manufactured in-house to fit your individual needs. We can fit a sauna into almost any space.


We can also offer sauna cabin refurbishment, replacing the panelling and benching, making an old sauna look new.

CJE Leisure are also able to offer infrared saunas​.

Contact CJE Leisure for further information

01244 376503 |

Woman lying back and relaxing with her head against the sauna wall she has a towel wrapped around her body and one wrapped in her hair her legs are on the sauna bench

CJE Leisure offers repair and maintenance service to the following Saunas:

  • Helo

  • Tylo

  • Vapac

  • Klass

  • Largerholm

  • Harvia

  • Certikin

Plus we can supply all sauna accessories such as:

Headrests, Benching, Lighting, Buckets, Ladles, Doors,

Thermometers, Hygrometers, and Essence dosing systems.

     Call CJE Leisure 01244 376503 for further              information

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