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Total Management Solutions

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Total Management Solutions 


This is a bespoke total management package that runs for 12 months, giving you operational peace of mind that your facility is operating to the correct health and safety guidelines, industry norms and working to its full efficiency.

We can create a package which is tailor made for your facility.

To discuss your Total Management Package, contact CJE Leisure for further information on:

01244 376503 |

a man with a blue glove looking at a set of four test tubes all with liquids all are varying shades of blue

Our 12 monthly packages offers you the following:

  • 4 x Pool and Spa services

  • 4 x Steam & Sauna services

  • 12 x Microbiological water test to pool and spa

  • 4 x Legionella tests to spa

  • 1 x Level 2 STA certificated Level 2 Pool Plant Course ( based on 6 persons)

  • 1 x Leisure health check and dilapidation report

  • 1x Annual Health and Safety Audit

  • 1 x STA Customer Care Course ( based on 6 persons)

  • 1 x one day first aid course ( based on 6 persons)

  • 1 x one day pool responder course ( based on 6 persons)

  • Discounted chemical and equipment

  • 1 x Website design / redesign

  • 12 x e-marketing flyers

  • Priority Callouts

  • Free central information point

Swimming pool maintenance 

Leisure Engineers 

 Sauna repair

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